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My number one goal is to create a flawless and timeless makeup look for you that is meant to bring out your natural beauty and unique personal style. And with your style in mind, doing the same for all the other beauties sharing in your day so everyone can truly enjoy your moment while your photographer captures the beauty of your day in photos you'll treasure for a lifetime.

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10 Beauty Tips for Perfect Wedding Day Makeup

May 14, 2021



You’ve dreamed about the moment for so long. You will be the center of everyone’s attention for an entire day. You paid your photographer thousands of dollars to capture photos that you want to treasure for a lifetime. It’s no surprise you want to look absolutely perfect on your wedding day. I want that for you too. So here are my 10 Beauty Tips for Perfect Wedding Makeup.

1. Start Skincare Early

Makeup is an amazing thing but it can only do so much. The foundation for flawless makeup is great skin! You’re going to have to put some work into implementing a skincare routine well in advance of the big day. And if a pimple appears just before your wedding day, don’t touch it! Absolutely no popping or squeezing! Spot treat with a peroxide-based gel/cream or leave it to a professional. See a dermatologist or aesthetician to have them treat the problem area. Here’s a link to my Pre-Wedding Skin Glow Guide for Brides.

2. Sleep & Drink Water

No amount of makeup can completely hide under eye puffiness and darkness caused by lack of sleep and fine lines caused by dehydration. Sleep at least 8 hours each night and drink at least 1/2 your bodyweight in water daily especially the week leading into your wedding. With proper hydration, the appearance of your skin will improve and have that amazing glow from within.

3. Leave It To The Professionals

I know the cost-savings of doing your makeup by yourself could be tempting but if you are spending thousands on your photographer and even more on the entire day, it is worth spending a couple of hundred of dollars to have a professional do your makeup this one special time. Not only do you deserve to be pampered and relaxed the hours leading into your “I do’s” but professionals know how to apply makeup that will last all day long and look amazing both in person and on camera. Once you find the right professional New Jersey makeup artist, schedule a trial so you know exactly what you will look like on your big day.

4. Get Them White & Bright

The perfect nude pink or bright red lip will look even better with bright white teeth. You’ll be smiling quite a bit in your face of makeup and nothing will make it look better than white teeth. Remove yellow stains with a safe over-the-counter teeth whitening system. My favorite over-the-counter teeth whitening: Crest 3D Whitestrips

5. Grow & Give Them Shape

In the weeks and months leading into your wedding, help your brows get fuller and your lashes longer by being gentle, not over-waxing or plucking and using serums that promote growth. The week of your wedding, get your eyebrows shaped by a trusted professional. A makeup artist can shape and fill brows but most will not remove eyebrow hair and the more shaped and full your eyebrows are going into your appointment, the better your eyebrows and eyes will look. My two favorite serums: GrandeBrow and Rodan & Fields Lash Boost

6. Get The Red Out

Make your eyes and the pretty eyeshadow look your artist worked so hard to create, look even better by using a few eye drops to rid of any redness that your eyes may have from environmental factors. But make sure you apply drops before your makeup is applied. My favorite whitening eye drops: Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops

7. Let Their Be Light

Reserve a spot for your makeup artist(s) near natural light. Good makeup artists bring professional artificial lighting but nothing is better than natural light. Give them a spot right near the windows.

8. Say Yes to Color

The camera will only pick up a percentage of the pigment in your makeup and many photographers brighten photos to give them a unique feel and mood. Even if you are not a person who normally reaches for blush or lipstick, consider a soft but highly pigmented blush and lip color.

9. Keep it Familiar

Do not try anything new – skincare, makeup, spray/self tan, lash extensions or anything else – less than 1 month before your wedding. You never know if a product will affect you adversely or cause an undesirable reaction.

10. Pack A Touch-Up Kit

Many artists offer touch-up services but if that’s not in your budget, definitely create a touch-up kit that you can keep with you all night long for smudges, wear and shine. At the very least, pack a lip liner, a lipstick, blotting paper, cotton swabs and a translucent powder.

Groom kissing bride who has eyes closed while holding a wedding bouquet on a beach in Sandy Hook, NJ
Groom with arms around bride while kissing her on shoulder on a beach in Sandy Hook, NJ

About Mandy

Mandy Yachmetz, Owner of My Beauty Makeup Artistry, is a Certified Professional Makeup Artist based in Central New Jersey. She specializes in creating flawless makeup looks that bring out her client’s natural beauty and unique personal style. Are you planning a NJ wedding? Click here to see my portfolio or contact me for availability.

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The photography featured in this post was photographed by Idalia Photography, a wedding photography company based in Central New Jersey that specializes in romantic, timeless and classic weddings.

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