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Best Eyebrow Products for Creating Your Best Brows

March 18, 2021



Ok guys. Before I share what I believe to be the best eyebrow products for achieving the perfect brows, I have to let you in on a few secrets. Shhhhh!

ONE! I feel brows are one of the most important features on a face. I take creating the perfect brows VERY seriously.

TWO! I’ve tried most every and anything to improve my flawed and sparse brows and let me tell you, getting powder brows was the single BEST vanity investment I’ve ever made! And I’ve spent and wasted a ton of money over the years on vanity projects to improve on what the good lord gave me.

I’ll be sharing my powder brow experience with you in another blog – since it was completely life changing. But for now, I want to share the 5 Best Eyebrow Products that I used before I got my powder brows and that I continue to use on my clients who plucked too much or who, like me, just were not blessed from the brow gods with naturally perfect brows.

Top 5 Best Eyebrow Products

1. Growth Serum

Girl don’t just try to pencil them on without trying to grow some hair. Add an eyebrow growth serum to your evening skincare routine. Here’s my favorite and it works, I promise!

2. Brow Pencil

There are all kinds of eyebrow gels, markers, pencils, and powders to draw on brows. My go-to product for sparse brows is pencil and my very favorite (I’ve tried a ton!) is the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz pencil. If you don’t have a lot of hair, use this pencil to fake a brow shape. With a light hand, create shape with small strokes to imitate natural brow hair.

3. Brow Powder

Use brow powder to achieve the most natural filled-in brows. If you have a decent shape to your brow but you are just a little sparse in some spots, powder is perfect for filling in and achieving a natural, soft full brow. My favorite brow powder is Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Powder Duo. Use it with the brush below and apply the dark powder to create shape in the center and outer parts of the brow. Then use the lighter color to fill in the front of the brow – the part of your brow near your nose.

4. Brow Brush

If you don’t have one of these brushes in your brush cup, go out and get one now! The thing on the end that looks like a mascara wand is called a spooly and it is a MUST HAVE for grooming and fluffing your brows. You should always brush your brows in the direction of your hair growth before applying any makeup. Then brush again after to blend and buff the makeup you applied. Use the angled brush with powder to create a full brow shape.

5. Tinted Brow Gel

I always finish my brows with this tinted brow gel. It’s a non-sticky gel that is meant to give the appearance of fuller, thicker brows. Apply it with a light hand only to the brow hairs – NOT the skin. You want to avoid disturbing the pencil and/or powder you just applied to your skin.

If you have flawed brows and aren’t doing anything about it, buy at least an angled brush and some powder and spend 1 minute giving them some love, I promise it’s the single best things you can do to elevate your makeup routine.

  1. monica alexander says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience and all of your recommended products. That Grand Brow is everything!!! I can’t believe how much additional growth I’ve gotten. My eyebrows are such an area of struggle for me, so this post very much appreciated. I’ll be adding some of these products to my kit while I consider micro blading!! Thank you!

    • Mandy Yachmetz says:

      It’s so much fun for me to share. I hope these products help in giving everyone full and dreamy brows.

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